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Inneres Boxen

Training method of Inneres Boxen

The training methods are absolutely pragmatic and are geared towards the exploration of ones own higher efficiency of physical coordination.

In the same sense the fighting principles are bare of compromises, free of any fixed patterns of movement or conditioned „techniques“ and without any distance towards the adversary. This style works in it’s applications absolutely without any build-up of pressure in oneself and without transferal pressure to the opponent, without momentum – especially within punching, kicking and throwing.

That means punches and kicks are starting only at the point ( and time) of contact and are transferred immediately. There is no “telegraphing“. Punches and kicks are occurring within a realm where there are no grounds for the defense-reflex.

The punches and kicks within the Lei Gong Nei Quan have no moves to gain momentum. The transfer of force stems from outwardly momentum-less, free of wear, effortless movements, which are performed by whole-body-coordinated attunements of minuscule muscular movements and are released within contact with the opponent as pure movement versus as a collision.

It is not necessarily so, that a movement ends up as a punch, it can also become a throw or lock. It is crucial that the punch does not arrive at contact as collision (pressure) or push (pressure) but as pressure-free transfer of movement, which seems to explode within the body.

The feeling of such a punch within the body is that of an explosion – very painful. Typically this type of punch does not leave the typical blue spots, since the effect occurs below the connective tissue.

From an interview:
“ I always use to demonstrate the whole-body-coordinated attunement of minuscule muscular movements with a punch to the abdomen- preferably into a fully developed „six-pack“ that basically deflects any punch or push. For this I lay my hand onto the fully tensed belly. Then I move as described above and suddenly the abdominals release to soft and I punch into it. To make it clear once more: by virtue of my special way of body-coordination I achieve the loosening of the others musculature against his will. This then enables me to move my fist deeply into his belly. In the same way one can via this approach throw without using leverage or apply locks free of detectable strength.
To really understand one cannot avoid experiencing this with ones own body. I call this type of movement also „internal movement“!

It has freeing effects upon physical and mental limits, which more or less restrict all of us.

Principally I am using subconscious physical reflexes, namely the „ Attention – Danger!“ - reflex and the „No Danger“ - reflex. These reflexes are rooted very deeply and are in themselves nearly impossible to control.

By an independent „internal movement“ which will become the dominant movement for the other, the outer visually perceptible movement is hidden towards the common cognitive reflex.
So when I perform the described punch into the belly I am moving away with „internal movement“ after I approached him outwardly and after he reacted with the „attention-danger!“-reflex, whereby his muscles hardened automatically. –

By this the body receives the „no danger“ signal, the defense can be lowered and the muscles become soft. At that time I am moving my fist deeply into the soft belly.

This type of movement, also [called] „internal movement“, can also be applied over distance in which case it will elicit the same reflexes. This way distance is practically dissolved and punches to the same effect can be performed also from non-contact. As I already stated a punch is basically „just a movement“ until it arrives at contact..”

Posted: 10:07, 5/9/2008
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